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    "ROCK ROAD 2023 - Yan Kefu Solo Exhibition" at the HTC . 

    Yan Kefu, an artist with a profound love for nature and a vibrant personality, draws inspiration from his passion for mountaineering. His paintings portray a profound sense of emotion and inner cultivation, blending traditional Chinese painting techniques with the spirit of the East and incorporating the richness of Western oil painting aesthetics.


    At this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate Yan Kefu's "Rock'N Time," "Fearless," and "Pangu" series. Through his brushwork, he conveys reverence and submission to the grandeur of nature's mountains and rocks, weaving the metaphor of life's growth with the essence of nature into his artwork. Additionally, the colossal "Rock ’N Time 8" (consists of nine oil-on-canvas paintings)  artwork, previously acclaimed by Western audiences in France and Hong Kong, will be showcased once more, reflecting the artist's creative achievements across different cultural contexts.


    The title "ROCK ROAD" hints at Yan Kefu's continuous progress, exploration, and growth along his artistic path. The exhibition will unveil his emotional connection with nature and his personal journey, leading the audience into his distinctive artistic realm, where they can experience his profound dialogue with nature and the exploration of philosophical contemplations in life.