石光重疊The Crossing of Time

亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
視界 No.01 Different Look No.01
壓克力及多媒體 Acrylic Painting and Multimedia  91x65cm 2020

石光重疊 The Crossing of Time 
開幕茶會Opening Reception:2020.12.19 (六) 3 pm
    展覽地點 Venue:亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
 開放時間Time : 每日13:00-19:00 (週一公休)

卡佑民 顏柯夫 共同創作展
 Kayoumin & Yan Kefu's Artistic Collaboration Exhibition 


2017年藝術家顏柯夫與視覺藝術家卡佑民在藝術的道路上重逢,共同創作出「視界」系列的開端,將各自對藝術的解讀透過視覺語彙分享給觀眾,也開啟了視覺圖像上的新篇章。亞億藝術空間即將展出「石光重疊 顏柯夫&卡佑民共同創作展」,兩位藝術家各自透過不同創作形式(油彩、攝影),在同一時間軸上相遇,彼此展現對藝術創作的熱情及觀點。
"There must be reasons behind meeting someone at the right place and the right time. On our overlapping roads in life, we should cherish and thank each other."
In 2017, artist Yan Kefu and visual artist Kayoumin met on the road of art. They created the starting point of the "Different Look" series, conveying their interpretation of art through visual communication and starting a new chapter of graphics. AHM Gallery presents The Crossing of Time: Yan Kefu & Kayoumin's Artistic Collaboration Exhibition. Two artists with different art styles (oil paints & photography) met at the right time, showing their passion and viewpoints on art to each other.
Yan Kefu is more than a stone. He can be mountains and rivers, only depending on the state of our mind. Yan Kefu has always loved hiking. The inspiration for "Rock'N Time" and "Fearless" series came from his interaction with mother nature. His works not only depict mountains and stones, but he also conveys the comprehension of life through the scenery.
Kayoumin accidentally discovered a new world inside negative film photography. In this world, colors and lights are opposite to our human eyes, challenging our senses. He created Taiwanese-culture-related "OMGs" series, the humorous "This may be a Banana" series, and the magnificent "Splendid Things" and "LXIII" series. Some of his works require pressing the shutter button at the right moment, and some demand intricate designs. By using negative film, The most ordinary object can become a surprising discovery.
As everyone knows, the two artists have a deep relationship in the art field. They are not only each other's best creativity guide but also friends for life. Fate allows us to reconnect with each other during the crossing of time; therefore, they cherish all the episodes that happened in life. The time that the two artists shared is not just theirs. It also belongs to all the people who had once enjoyed their artworks. AHM Gallery sincerely invites everyone to join us on this time machine and once again view the past, present, and future of Yan Kefu and Kayoumin.


視界 No.08 Different Look No.08
壓克力及多媒體 Acrylic Painting and Multimedia  65x91cm 2020


視界 No.07 Different Look No.07
壓克力及多媒體 Acrylic Painting and Multimedia  91x65cm 2020


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