內苑 連師屏 創作個展 Inner Reality -Lien Shih Ping Solo Exhibition

亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery

【內苑】連師屏 創作個展
開幕茶會:2020.01.04 (六) 3 pm
展覽時間:2020.01.03 - 02.02
展覽地點:亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
「內苑」出自玄奘譯《說無垢稱經》:雖明一切世間書論,而於內苑賞玩法樂﹔雖現一切邑會眾中,而恒為最說法上首。 表現一種泰然任之(gelassenheit)之心境。這種心境本身是澄明(clearing)、開放性(openness)的。不管它遭遇外界事物或內在底層無意識湧現的種種,總是開啟一個開放場域,以讓它們依其自身方式開顯自己,而不以主觀性意欲的意志(will to will)或權利意志(will to power)對於這些內外現象加以支配、控制或進行論斷。如此的心境轉折在創作上不僅以單一方式呈現,而改以千姿百態的象徵與意象交織中,直接映現出「內苑」(inner reality)。
【 Inner Reality 】 Lien Shih Ping Solo Exhibition
Opening Reception: 04/01/2020 15:00
Duration: 03/01/2019-02/02/2020
Venue: AHM Gallery
“You left one room to enter another,
but you forgot why you came here.
Maybe, the process was still loading.”

The phrase “Inner Reality” comes from Shuo Wogoucheng jing(說無垢稱經) translated by Xuanzang(玄奘): He mixed in all crowds, yet was respected as foremost of all. He shows a gelassenheit mindset. This clear and open mindset allows the owner to let all the outside beings and his subconsciousness reveal naturally, instead of using one’s “will to will” or “will to power” to make judgments on situations subjectively. This change of mindset can be displayed creatively in an abundance of ways. Symbols and constructs intertwine with each other, reflecting the image of the ever-changing “Inner Reality”.
AHM Gallery presents Lien Shih Ping’s works from 2016 to 2019. Rather than describing her art as avant-garde, her works show a possibility to combine the old and the new through different media from traditional paintings to contemporary mixed media and digital images. Her inspiration comes from the metaphysics viewpoint of nature, the universe, people, and spirituality. Lien’s earlier works used natural wood grain, oil paint, and watercolor to reflect on her view of this world. Then, digital graphic art also became another way for her to perform. In this digital era where the development of technology is faster than ever, the audiences can rethink — what is the best way to experience art now? Between the new and the old, between real and virtual things, we may finally be able to conclude.


2019 「樹枝藝術節」,柏林廢墟,台北
2019 「寡眾之際-漫遊者:藝術成癮」,綺麗廣場,台北
2019 「連師屏/顏政豪聯展」,3%比率,台北
2019 「連師屏/LaraChen/RoseChen聯展」,3%比率,台北
2019 「台灣藝術博覽會」,世貿中心,台北
2019 「亞洲插畫藝術節」,寶龍美術館,上海
2019 「繁」聯展,藝托邦,花蓮
2018 「木邊之目」個展,藝風巷,台北
2018 「獻禮南大」聯展,南京大學,南京
2018 「亞洲插畫年度大賞」,松山文創園區,台北
2017 「國際發呆比賽台灣站」,誠品生活松菸店,台北
2017 「逆流」聯展,東大藝廊,台東
2017 「凝視呼吸」,亞億藝術空間,台北
2017 「Pop Up Asia」亞洲手創展,松山文創園區,台北
2017 「meet taipei 」創新創業展,圓山花博園區,台北
2016 「365東岸生活日誌」聯展,國立東華大學,花蓮
2016 「字白」聯展,松山文創,台北
2015 「大巧若拙」聯展,蓮雲藝術中心,花蓮
2014 「慢性自殺」聯展,松園別館,花蓮
2013 「轉」聯展,藝托邦,花蓮
2012 「藝異意義」聯展,淡水藝文中心,台北


 2019 “Branches Art Market”, Tacheles, Taipei
2019 “Wanderer: Addict”, Kireikan, Taipei
2019 Joint Exhibition “Lien Shih Ping/Yan Jheng Hao”, 3% Cafe, Taipei
2019 Joint Exhibition “​Lien Shih Ping/Lara Chen/Rose Chen”, 3% Cafe, Taipei
2019 Asia Illustration Fair, Powerlong Art Museum, Shanghai
2019 Joint Exhibition, Artopia, Hualien
2018 “The eyes of the edge of the wood”, Art Alley Cafe, Taipei
2018 Joint Exhibition “Gifts to Nanjing University”, Nanjing University, Nanjing
2018 “Asia Illustrations Collections” Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei
2017 “International space-out competition” Market Portrait Painter, Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store, Taipei
2017 Joint Exhibition “countercurrent”, NTTU Gallery, Taitung
2017 Joint Exhibition “Staring Breathing”, AHM Gallery, Taipei
2017 “Pop Up Asia” Asian Hand Exhibition, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei
2017 “meet taipei” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, YuanShan Park Area, Taipei
2016 Joint Exhibition “365 east coast lifelog”, Dong Hwa University, Hualien
2016 Joint Exhibition “Confession”, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei
2015 Joint Exhibition “cats hide their paws”, Lotus Cloud Art Center, Hualien
2014 Joint Exhibition “Chronic suicide"Group Exhibition” Pine Garden, Hualien
2013 Joint Exhibition “change”, Artopia Art Space, Hualien
2012 Joint Exhibition “Artistic meaning”, Tamsui Arts Center,Taipei


2019TAIWAN TOP STAR 入選視覺設計獎插畫設計類
2015 Red Bull Paper Wings National Finsl世界紙飛機大賽花式項目資格賽第一名 2015國立東華大學春季美展繪畫類第二名
2020 Asia Illustration Collection
2019 Asia Illustration Fair
2019 TAIWAN TOP STAR Visual Design - Illustration Design, Judges’ Award
2018 Dong Hwa Corner Art Festival mascot design, First Place Award
2018 Asia Illustration Collection
2015 Dong Hwa University Spring Art Exhibition Second Place Award in painting
2013 Dong Hwa University Spring Art Exhibition Third Place Award in the design
2013 Dong Hwa University Spring Art Exhibition  Honorable Mention in sculpture