一切萬悟-林莎個展 Realize-Lin Sha Solo Exhibition

亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery

【一切萬悟】林莎 個展    Realize - Lin Sha solo exhibition

開幕茶會:2019.10.10 (四) 3 pm

展覽時間:2019.10.10 - 10.27

展覽地點:亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery






家學傳承中醫與藝術悟道是同時開始,藝術創作期間游走歐美各地,接觸西方文化, 從西班牙、法國、後期定居於紐約,創作從具象風格逐漸轉變為抽象風格,揮筆之間悟出一場傳統水墨與當代藝術的前衛思維。





【 Realize 】Lin Sha Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: 10/10/2019 15:00

Duration: 10/10/2019-27/10/2019

Venue: AHM Gallery


Lin Sha, born in Yilan Taiwan in 1940, majored in Western Art at National Taiwan Normal University during the 60s. Afterward, he also studied under Wu Cheng Yan, Pu Xin Yu, Yang Gan Zhong, Wang Pan Yuan, and Liao Ji Chun.

Lin’s family had a Chinese medicine background, which simultaneously influenced his art-creating path. While creating artworks, Lin traveled around Europe and America, getting in touch with Western culture. From Spain to France, he lastly settled down in New York. Lin’s art style gradually changed from figurative art into abstract art. His avant-garde style combined traditional Chinese brush painting and contemporary art.


For this exhibition in AHM Gallery, Lin’s works from 1980 to 2010 are presented: “Perfume and Floral Fragrance from France”, “Hibernation, Movement, Birth”, “Human”, “60.64.2000”, and “Five Elements”; the five series display the transformation of his art style from figurative to abstract. Lin combined Western painting style into his making, shaping a new approach toward art. His realization of life, Zen, Buddhism, Chinese medicine, I-Ching…… were poured into his canvases.


Just like many artists, Lin was first drawn by the fascination of Western art; however, the shock of western culture, on the contrary, led him to dig deeper into his own root, the essence of Eastern culture, which often dwells on reincarnation and the immortality of spirits. The uniqueness of his paintings lies in the fact that Lin valued his origin a lot— he boldly combined his knowledge to Chinese medicine into works, creating an innovative blend of mixed media; he also put his knowledge to Buddhism into forming his own original shading technique. Lin’s art is a representation of his distinctive perspective about life and the realization in this universe.

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