香港 Art Statements 畫廊

繼畫家顏柯夫上個月赴法發表《歲嶽8》,這件總長超過十公尺的九聯幅作品,本月來到香港,在當代藝術空間 Art Statements 和亞洲觀眾相見。在寬敞的畫廊空間裡,邊品嚐人頭馬XO,邊透過畫家筆下皴法的質地,遙想干邑區石灰岩的風土。



「不管是畫也好、酒也好, 有生命的東西才有意義,生命的循環,我透過石頭來表現。」




Rock’N Time 8 Asian release in Hong Kong: A rendezvous of art and Cognac

After its global debut last month in France, Rock’N Time 8, the 10-meter-long painting by artist Yan Kefu arrived in Hong Kong earlier this month to make its Asian release. At the contemporary art gallery Art Statements, guests sipped glasses of cognac while traveling to the drink’s origin through Rock’N Time 8.

Yan’s rocks are a combination of Eastern and Western art traditions. The texture of the rocks represents the characteristics of traditional Chinese landscapes, yet Yan uses the Western method of oil painting. The mix of techniques and cultures is what makes Yan’s work unique. To
launch the Asian release in Hong Kong was an idea by Yan’s agent Kayoumin and AHM gallery, highlighting the convergence of the East and West where it is the most well-known.

Thanks to the trip to France, Yan established a thorough understanding of the relation between his work and Cognac. “The stones reflect the texture of the limestone soil that grows the grapesto make Cognac. The gradation of color of the earth in my painting resembles how eaux-de-viegain life through the time spent in the barrels,” says Yan.

"It's life that gives meaning to either my painting or Cognac," he adds.

Constructed in a variety of lines, Rock’N Time 8 showcases the accumulation of time in a series of rolling stones. While their appearance resembles the limestone soil in Cognac, the stones also symbolize different phases of our life. The distance between the stones is sometimes far,
other times close, reflecting the relationships we have with others. It takes effort to reach a balance, and the balance could be only temporary.

In the way the stones collide in the river, Yan sees how we find our way and survive in society. "We experience different courses of collision throughout our lives, and we identify with ourselves through them, like how the rocks find the best suitable distance among themselves."

Holding a glass of Cognac, enjoying a table of food that amplifies the aromas in Cognac while having Rock’N Time 8 in the background, the viewer is transported momentarily away from the humidity of summer in Hong Kong and arrives at the sunny French vineyards where Cognac's grapes are grown. The taste of Cognac is full of the philosophy of life.