靜之華 Beauty Still-Life

亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
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包德納 Bernard Bordenave
許曉薇 Hee Siow Wey

靜之華 - Beauty Still-Life

攝影藝術展覽 photography Exhibition

開幕茶會 Reception| 2019.4.13 (六) 3 pm
藝術家出席開幕 Artist will be present
展覽期間 Duration | 2019.4.12 - 4.28
展覽地點 Venue| 亞億藝術空間 AHM Gallery
開放時間 Time|每日13:00-19:00 (週一公休)

包德納 Bernard Bordenave   | 22 |  
攝影 Photography |  20x23cm | 2018

包德納 Bernard Bordenave   | 39 |  
攝影 Photography |  20x29cm | 1998

亞億藝術空間特地邀請居住在台灣的法國攝影藝術家包德納及台灣攝影藝術家許曉薇,展出靜之華攝影藝術展,人們在日常忙碌的生活中需要的是一種時間與 空間的停留,感受沉澱心靈的一種寂靜之美。

物件靜物攝影,包德納以微妙且具巧思的方式呈現靜物,試圖激勵觀者用嶄新的角度凝視周遭萬物。 押花藝術攝影,許曉薇將押花藝術結合攝影創作,從豐饒的自然界擷取植物,延續鮮花嫩草的姿態及馥郁,過程總伴隨著細膩的情感,像是能串起過往的眷戀。

法國藝術家包德納,旅居台灣30年,透過紀實攝影記錄了許多亞洲的文化及城市的變遷,繼去年展出相當受到歡迎的時空旅行者系列後,今年將為大家帶來 從2000年創作至今的靜物系列作品,靜物系列作品源自於藝術家本身學習設計,喜歡收集各種物品,無論是全新的,復古品或是古董。這些大都是藝術家在台灣或國外旅遊時蒐集的物件。透過東方與西方,新與舊,高價與廉價的組合,來產生全新圖像式的攝影作品。

許曉薇藝術家的攝影創作,藉由身體創作,探討性別與社會體制對人性的壓抑。 此次展出,吟花系列作品,押花的過程就像對待屍體一般,古代木乃伊的保存方式。鮮花活摘下未完全死亡前,讓其充份從根部吸取保存性顏料,再進行脫水。待完全乾燥後二度上色,試圖恢復其原有光彩。對待花,對待人的同樣行為,放不下的是那肉身凋零。而那乾燥後的脆弱,宛如生命輕薄如紙,稍縱即逝。

許曉薇 Hee Siow Wey   | 吟花 01 Flower Chant 01 |  攝影 Archival pigment print |  41x27cm  2018

許曉薇 Hee Siow Wey   | 吟花 12 Flower Chant 12 
攝影 Archival pigment print 、阿波紙雲流 Awagam
i |  28x28cm  2019

Beauty Still-Life Photography Exhibition AHM Gallery invites French photography artist Bernard Bordenave, who lives in Taiwan, and Taiwanese photography artistHee Siow-Wey to showcase Beauty Still-Life Photography.

People need time and space to stay in their daily busy life. Feel the quiet beauty of the mind Still life photography of objects, Bernard Bordenave presents the still life in a subtle and ingenious way, trying to inspire the viewer to stare at everything around him in a new angle. Pressed flower art photography, Hee Siow-Weycombines the art of Pressed flower with photography, drawing plants from the rich nature, continuing the posture and glory of the flowers and plants, the process is always accompanied by delicate emotions, like the ability to string together the past love.

French artist Bernard Bordenave, who has lived in Taiwan for 30 years, has documented many Asian cultures and urban changes through documentary photography. After exhibiting a very popular time traveler series last year, This year, He will bring you a series of still-life artworks from 2000 to the present. The series of still-life is derived from the artist's own learning design and like to collect all kinds of items, whether new, retro or antique. These are mostly objects collected by artists when he traveled in Taiwan or abroad, through the combination of the East and the West, new and old, high-priced and cheap, to produce new image-based photography.

Hee Siow-Wey artist's photography creation, Her works mainly use of photography and self-body to discuss the gender issue and the depression of human nature by the social system. In the exhibition, Flower Chant series, Pressed flower process is like a corpse, the preservation of ancient mummies. Before the flowers are harvested, they are fully taken from the roots and then dehydrated. After being completely dried, it is colored twice, trying to restore its original brilliance. Treating flowers and treating people with the same behavior can't let go of the flesh. And the fragile after drying, like life, is as thin as paper, fleeting.
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